AMT Engineering Limited

Tilghman T170

Wilghman Wheelabrator T170 Fully Refurbished - SOLD

Continuous rubber belt tumblast with power operated door. Media Charge - 300Kg, M/C Barrel Volume - 6 cu ft, Max Charge - 225kg, Max Part Size - 16 cu inches, Max Part Weight - 15Kg, 3ph - 26Amp - 415V 50Hz.



1400mm diameter table, fully refurbished and improved.

OMSG Tumblast

Wheelabrator WTBO Rubber Belt Conveyor Machine - Reconditioned.

This is a batch barrel type shotblast machine with a perforated rubber belt, for cleaning small components. The dimensions are, Capacity 0.05m Cubed, Barrel Size 508mm x 686mm, Load Capacity (approx.) 136kg, Largest single component 11.5kg, Wheel Power 3.75kw, Conveyor perforated heavy duty reinforced rubber.

We have provided this model of machine to various companies involved in the manufacture of springs and coils.As with most of our reconditioned machines, we provide an eight to twelve week lead time from completion and delivery of machine from the date of the official order.


For Sale: Guyson Euroblast 4PF

Hand cabinet complete with blast pot, filter and Cyclone separator.

Cabinet Height: 1655mm, Width: 815mm, Depth: 560mm
Filter - 2 cartridge reverse air jet.

Pangborn Barrel Machine

36 inch Centriblast Barrel Machine - Reconditioned.

This popular model has not been manufactured from new for over forty years. We salvage old machines that are no longer in use and re-store them to their original standard. The frame of the barrel is built up with brand new parts, manufactured by AMT so all our barrel machines have a new look about them.

These machines are usually in high demand so we operate on a eight to twelve week lead time from date of official order.

We have completed semi-reconditioned barrel machines for customers operating on a lower budget. This means that most of the main chamber parts will be reconditioned as opposed to new. We will still usually fit new impellor wheel systems and wear plates on all our machines.

We have supplied many of these machines across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. This model of machine is popular for companies in the Revert and Alloy metal recycling industry.

We are flexible in our payment structures and usually work closely with the customer to find a plan that suits us both. Please note that we ask for a deposit on official order to secure the order (usually 30%).

Tilghman WTB 0

For Sale: Tilghman WTB0 Fully Refurbished

Tilghman WTB0 fully refurbished to the highest standard.

A low-cost high-efficiency machine for small items.

Capacity 2ft³ (0.05m³)
Barrel size 20in. dia. x 27in. long (508mm x 686mm)
Load capacity (approx.) 300lb (136kg)
Largest single component 25lb (11.5kg)
Wheel Power 5hp (3.57kW) or 10hp (7.5kW)
Conveyor - perforated, heavy-duty reinforced rubber.
Pitless installation.


For Sale: Pre-owned Vacu-Blast PBA-06 Machine

The Vacu_Blaster employs a pressure feed abrasive supply system in which either ferrous or non-ferrous abrasive is fed into the compressed air-blast stream by a feed valve beneath the pressure hopper. The pressure hopper is designed to BS1500 and is checked and tested under A.O.T.C. supervision. At the end of a period of blasting the reclaimed and cleaned abrasive automatically transfers into the pressure hopper ready for re-use. This machine employs a vacuum recovery and filter system generated by an air ejector. The Vacu-Blaster PBA-06 is entirely air-operated and can be used wherever this service is available.