Shot blast maintenance for customers across the United Kingdom

If you are looking for a comprehensive shot blast maintenance service, then contact A.M.T. Ltd now.  Serving customers nationwide.

Hassle-free maintenance

A machine's productivity is directly related to its maintenance. You can count on our experts to provide top-class maintenance services.

We will do a complete assessment of the machine which includes a dust check and checking for any damage on internal parts.

For a better understanding of our capabilities, contact A.M.T. Ltd in Dewsbury.


If we find any fault during our assessment, we will inform you of it promptly.

You will be pleased to know that we provide machine upgrades, wheel retrofits and rubber lining at competitive prices.

You can also contact us for machine relocation services.

Our other services include:
Plasma cutting
Spray painting
Mig and stick welding
Machine refurbishment
Shot blasting services
Powder coating


To find out more give us a call.

We have a wide range of products and refurbished machines that you can purchase at affordable prices.